Friday, 27 April 2012

Makan Time @ Bubba Gump

Hello there..

On 18th April 2012, me and my small tiny family went for dinner in Bubba Gump at Sunway Pyramid. 1st time makan kt cni which is unplanned pun sbnrnye. My cinta hati yg ajak pegi Sunway sbb nk tgk Quicksilver ade sale ke x and finally we end up our dinner at this place la..

Enjoy the pics ya! ;

Main Entrance

Run Forrest Run drink for my cinta hati, Chicken Strips for kids and Onion Rings as starter.

Jujur ckp, onion rings sgt sedap!!! lg2 ble makan panas2..perggghhh menyengat seh..tangkap cinta la kjp..hehehehe..a tower of onion rings ni served with chipotle ranch and BBQ dippin''s yummmyyyyy!!

wajah buah hati yg kekenyangan..1st time ryan makan dgn lahapnye..
smp ckp "sedap babah"..huhu

kasih hati pun lupe diri juga smp sume fries die buang ke lantai..

For Him - Prime Top Sirloin in medium well

This is mine! Barbecue Rib & Chicken Combo

Rasa lepas ni akan lebih kerap makan2 kat Bubba Gump instead Chili's.. hehhehhe..
bye guyss ;)

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